Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday 11th November 2016


I had a couple of hours out at Gungahlin Hill this morning, & found a 'new to me" Sun Orchid, plus 6 other flowering orchids. For a change there was no wind, so it was good for taking photos.

Geoff was the ferrier of people today. Val was out for lunch & needed dropping at Woden, then returning to BUPA after her lunch, along with her lunch companion, who wanted to visit Greg. Then Geoff headed to the airport to pick up his sister Steph, who is in Canberra for the weekend from Melbourne.
What a busy husband I have.

Pink Fingers - Caladenia carnea

Caladenia cucullata - Lemon Caps

Caladenia moschata - Musky Caps
Calochilus platychilus -
Purple Beard Orchid

A covering of Diuris sulphurea -
Tiger or Hornet Orchid

Thelymitra arenaria

Forest Sun Orchid


Today was a disjointed day of transporting people around. I even managed to meet the ex-wife of one of dad's third cousins.

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