Sunday, November 27, 2016

Friday 25th November 2016


With Greg still the same today I headed off to the hills for a breath of fresh air, walk & change of scenery. I had the satellite phone switched on in case things changed at BUPA.

I was away for about 4 hours.

Dinner for everyone was at the Calwell Club, taken in shifts, so that people were there at the nursing home to keep Greg company.

Pink Fingers ( I think) - Caladenia carnea

The usual colour of a Chiloglottis valida
- Large or Common Bird Orchid

Green form of a Chiloglottis valida
- Large Bird Orchid

Beautiful Caladenia moschata - Musky Caps with an equally beautiful smell

My final find were several dozen Diuris sulphurea
- Tiger or Hornet Orchids

Organising several O'Regans is like herding cats! Ugghhh! It was only dinner at the local club, about a 3 minute walk away, and yet...

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