Saturday, November 5, 2016

Friday 4th November 2016


Greg was admitted into the hospital late last night. By the time the paperwork was finalised, & he was found a ward to go into, it was about 2am, when Geoff & Val finally returned to Farrer.

It was a quiet day with Geoff & Val going back to the hospital around 10am.

I had a few hours out with Tony & Eyal, who showed me 2 “new to me” Orchids on Black Mountain. It was a warm & sunny afternoon, so a few of the Sun Orchids were out & proud, though they didn't stay open for long as the wind picked up.

Caladenia congesta - Pink Caps or Black-tongue Caladenia

Black Mountain track with heaps of Diuris sulphurea (Tiger Orchids)
Difficult to see but they are the yellow flowers, mixed in with the green foliage

Microtis parviflora -
Slender Onion Orchid

Two types of Sun Orchids above Thelymitra junciflora
(Large-spotted Sun Orchid)
Below Thelymitra pauciflora (Slender Sun Orchid)


Dad was drowsy and rambling, brought on from a fever from pneumonia, but the doctors think they can sort him out. So we'll just see how he fares.

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