Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Saturday 12th November 2016


We had a quiet day, the weather was a bit yucky. Geoff watched the Aussie's crumble in the cricket & I edited the Blog Book.

We had an amusing evening out with John & Evan. It was decided to try the Hungry Buddha at Curtin. I found most of the dishes a bit too hot, & the portions were small; overall it wasn't as good as the Ethiopian restaurant we went to a few weeks ago.

Geoff decided that he wanted an Irish Coffee, & as the restaurant didn't do these we trooped off to the Irish Club. Well it was “Dead as a Dodo” at 9.30pm there! I was told the Irish Coffees were awful, & it took 2 attempts & about ½ hour for me to get a weak black tea.... The excuse for both the awful coffee & buggered up tea was that the bistro was closed?!

(Just in case there aren't enough orchids on the Blog are some more!)
Diuris punctata (Purple Donkey Orchid)

Thelymitra alpina (Mountain Sun Orchid)

Thelymitra juncifolia
(Large-spotted Sun Orchid)

Thelymitra pauciflora (Slender Sun Orchid)


Of all the places in Canberra I thought that the Irish Club would serve Irish Coffee. What a mistake that was! Despite telling me that they could make us Irish Coffees, they couldn't even get close. It was an absolute, horrible shocker on their part. Memorably so!

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