Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday 5th November 2016


My 'exciting" new umbrella arrived this morning, all the way from England !
An umbrella...exciting...well yes, actually!
It is called a Kazbrella, & this clever guy has re-invented it! It opens upside down... so you can open it up through a partially opened door, and close it down without getting water everywhere. It's very clever, but not cheap! I now have to wait for the rain!

Geoff & I met up with John & Reggie at the Little Garran cafe, owned by Reggie. Both these guys are ex- Aussie Rules team-mates from the Kingston Wolves days. We had a lovely brunch & there was plenty of catching up done.

Bluebell - not an Orchid!

Dozens of Thin-clubbed Mantis or Green-combed Spider Orchids
(Caladenia atrovespa)

Gnome Track - one of the entrances to Farrer Ridge

Plenty of flowers still blooming around Farrer

A new to me Donkey Orchid - Diuris semilunulata
(Late Leopard Orchid)

My new Kazbrella!

Varena had been waiting months to get her hands on the Kazbrella. I think it was crowd-funded, and Varena thought it looked sensible, so ordered one. We'll have to wait to see how good it actually is.

Our brunch at Garran was a solid 2 hour chat-fest. It was an enjoyable outing, and the food and coffee were good.

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