Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sunday 13th November 2016


Geoff & I went for an orchid hunting drive. First stop was the old cemetery at Mongarlowe, near Braidwood, where we found 2 different flowering orchids. After morning tea at the Wog Wog camping ground in the Morton National Park, it was on to a spot that we had been to before off of the Braidwood Road. Four more orchids were found here; the final find of flowering orchids for the day. I was hoping to see more but it wasn't to be.

We stopped at the Jerrawangala Lookout, where we nearly got blown off the cliff top before heading back to Canberra.

This Cymbidium Suave was flowering in a tree stump
Snake Orchid
Jerrawangala Lookout

At the less windy sign for the lookout with Archie & Geoff

Rain & sunbeams in the distance - out of Braidwood

Sunshine peeping through

It was quite a pleasant day, driving around and looking for orchids in the bush. We drove almost 500km, but only had one near miss on the roads, and this was about 5km from home when a twit did not give way to us at the Monaro Highway - Mugga Lane junction. His little Hyundai Excel was almost very intimate with the front of our much larger Colorado, t-bone style!

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