Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday 3rd November 2016


Geoff & I headed out for the day.
We went to Captains Flat and had lunch by a creek in the area of Krawaree, on an old TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve). Then we wandered around the Back Creek TSR, looking in vain for the Purple Donkey Orchid, & came back via Braidwood.
It was a lovely sunny & warm day out.

On the downside Greg was taken to hospital around 6.30pm, with a suspected chest infection.

Lunch by the creek

I couldn't resist...
This was on an entry gate to a property we passed!

Billabong/Pond in the Back Creek TSR (Travelling Stock Reserve)

The old Court House at Braidwood

All the ventilation holes had these "royal" grates!
What a hoot!

It was a nice country drive, but rather lacking in orchids for Varena. We were lucky with our lunch spot. We could see that the river was near-ish to the gate, so we took a wander and it worked out well.

Dad's condition seemed to worsen during the afternoon, so after informing the nurse at Calwell it was decided that Dad would get a more thorough check over and subsequent treatment at the hospital. So an ambulance was called and off we went. The 2am finish was not very amusing. Especially as the last three hours were just waiting around for Dad to be taken from the ED to a ward.

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