Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuesday 1st November 2016


Geoff & I went to the cinema today; it has been a while.
Geoff chose the this time, & so we saw the latest Jack Reacher movie, “Never Go Back”. Annoyingly, Tom Cruise is still playing the lead part. He is SO NOT right for it.

As per usual it was chilly in the cinema. I was sensible (read cold!) & had put my coat on before the movie started... Somebody else waited till it was dark & had a slight problem...(like putting it on upside down!) LOL!
After the movie we went to Calwell to see Greg, & pick Val up. Greg wasn't his normal self in some ways, but good in others. This new drug, Lyrica, is working for the pain relief, but seems to make him rather confused at times. His legs also collapsed under him a couple of times. Luckily Val was there to stop him falling over completely.

This almost looks like snow on the ground, but it is pollen!

Art around Questacon; down by Lake Burley Griffen

This is a side on view of the privious statue!
Albert Einstein front on & a dove of peace; side on!
So clever.

An unsual sun dial, though it wasn't working today...

Charles Darwin on the steps in front of Questacon

Dad was wobbly today, and described it as just having no energy. Not good.

At the mall where the cinema was we some lunch, and as there was a bit of time before the film, went shopping! I know! But after about 15 minutes I just went to our meeting point and waited for Varena. I get over shopping rather quickly.

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