Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016


I had another day out & about; first stop was Farrer Ridge, a revisit to see some orchids that I'd seen a few days earlier. I wrongly thought I'd seen the same type before, so didn't take any photos. I since found out they were new to me, so of course I needed another look!

Then I headed to Aranda Bushland. I had a 3.30pm appointment with Jean, who lives very close. So I thought I might as well look for a couple of orchids I have yet to see that might be out in the area.
It was not to be though.
I found plenty of other orchids, & the trip to Jean's was worthwhile as she gave me 7 small tomato plants. Geoff will be happy.

Some of the wonderful things in Jean & Bill's garden.
A carved stone Chessboard - made by Jean

I love the front gate, with the old milk bottles!

More of Jean's creativity

This is one of her son's pieces!

We were going to head out on a drive today, but with Dad getting a bit worse I thought it best to stay local. So after visiting with Dad for a while I mowed the lawns and pottered about.

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