Saturday, December 17, 2016

Friday 16th December 2016


The summer, no, summer weather, is toying, or should I say annoying us at the moment. It was not a day to be outside; cold & drizzly rain continued till the late afternoon. At least Geoff doesn't have to do the outside watering at the moment.

The drizzle did clear up around 5pm, so I headed out to take some photos of the rain drops everywhere. The sunset was finally visible for the first time since we got here too; quite orange-y through the breaking clouds.

This beetle dropped on Geoff from a great height

Geoff & the beetle seemed to survive OK

This windmill can just bee seen through the trees in next door's garden.
I think it is just a folly & not actually working
Moving House


In close on a leaf

We spent a fair part of the day rugged up next to a heater, watching shows and then the cricket.

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