Monday, December 26, 2016

Friday 23rd December 2016


We finished off the bulk of the packing, cleaning & watering today.

The lady who is taking over from us (a last minute arrangement) came over to re-familiarise herself with the place. She has sat for Bill & Maria in the past.
Otherwise it was a quiet end to this short house sit.

Lady of leisure

The Dam

Golden Hour

Our final dinner at Googong

The clouds were more interesting than the sunset tonight

Hornet Orchid - Orthoceras strictum
(from yesterday's walk)

Small Duck Orchid - Caleana minor
(From above)


It is a big house and takes ages to vacuum and mop. We got it all done and then lazed around in our country retreat. The house sit was a little short, but but a good place. I think we'd do this one again if given the chance.

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