Saturday, December 31, 2016

Friday 30th December 2016


Geoff came out with me for the day. He managed to find the cricket on the radio eventually!

I was orchid hunting as well as sight seeing. My research had given me several places to check out, so we headed for Tourist Road & Kirkland Road near Kangaloon. We found plenty of bush to look in but there were signs along both roads saying there was no access, even on foot. Something about protecting the drinking water catchment. That is a new one for us.

So we restricted our looking to the road side verges, & still managed to find 3 orchid types in flower. And another one which was new for me at Belmont Falls in the bush. YES, a fruitful day.
Lunch was at the General Store in Burrawang; rather over priced. Mine was tasty, but Geoff said his was boring. We had been reliably informed they do great pies, but they were out!
Oh well, we will try another time.

These signs were along several kms of
bush - not allowing even walkers in is a new one to us

Small Tongue Orchid - Cryptostylis leptochila

Large Tongue Orchid/ Cow Orchid -
Cryptostylis subulata

Hindmarsh Lookout at Belmont Falls

Lunch at the Burrawang General Store

A Bowerbird Bower in the Roberston Nature Park -
Lots of blue things around the area

Traipsing along the road edges was a bit restricting in our search for orchids. Who knows what was beyond the signs?

Yet again I had an over-priced, yet poor, meal. Paying over $20 for what is supposedly a gourmet burger and chips is a rip off in itself, let alone for a burger with little flavour. It seems that an everyday, run-of-the-mill feed from a local takeaway is usually the better option for an unplanned meal whilst out and about. Just because a place gets away with charging more certainly does not mean that the food is any better. 

The cricket was a nice surprise, and good to watch. After something like 125 overs of the test match against Pakistan were lost due to rain, Australia managed to bowl Pakistan out to win by an innings and 18 runs.

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