Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saturday 17th December 2016


Geoff & I had a short visit with Val at Farrer, then did some grocery shopping at Karabar shops which is about 10 minutes from the Googong house.

Back at the house, Geoff & I prepared the food for dinner. Annoyingly the BBQ was out of gas, though we were told it was full. Luckily this kitchen has 2 “real” ovens (a novel experience for me in recent times!) so I have plenty of space to cook everything.

Evan, Daniel, Keith & Carol arrived after 5pm & we all sat outside in the warm late afternoon, eating, drinking & chatting the evening away.

Storm clouds passing by

Bush views

The first sunset since we arrived

Rain drops on the garden flowers


We did a little tidying up and food prep, then had a relaxed evening over a few beverages. Once again Varena put on a lovely meal, this time of roast lamb with plenty of trimmings.

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