Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Sunday 18th December 2016


After dropping Geoff at Farrer I headed out with “Orchid” Tony to the Corin Dam Road area.
We found a few “finished” orchids near Gibraltar Falls, then headed for Smoker's Gap. There were more orchids in flower through this area; 6 different types, plus several past their best.

I took Tony home, then went back to Farrer to pick Geoff up; the Sunday afternoon tea was still on with a couple of Geoff's sisters & family still there.

Tony at Gibraltar Falls

Highland Golden Moths

Channelled Leek Orchid

Pterostylis falcata - Sickle Greenhood

Gastroida sesamiodes - Cinnamon Bells

A newly opening Large Mountain Greenhood -
Pterostylis monticola


I had a long day at Farrer today. Varena dropped me off about 9am so that I could do things, including mowing the lawn and taking Mum to church, while she went off orchidising. It was a fairly productive day, ending with the usual family Sunday arvo gathering.

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