Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday 15th December 2016


A cold wet day! Summer has gone again.

We met John at the Farrer shops for brunch (froze), then we dropped in on Val.
I had to go to the van to get a few jumpers, & my winter Ugg's about 14C... from 32C, two days ago!

Back at the house in Googong Geoff was very tempted to light the log fire, but we decided that the electric heater would probably warm us up quicker!

A few shots of the flwoers in the garden; to brighten up the very dull day


It is the usual start to a Canberra summer. Hot then cold, then hot again. The Googong house is large and open, which means it is very hard to heat. We sat by a heater with our winter woollies on.

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