Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday 22nd December 2016


Geoff & I met up with Tony, Jean & Mike for a Black Mountain walk; hopefully I won't find any more “low flying trees”! We found 4 different types of orchids, in a couple of different areas.

After the walk we braved the shops to get final food bits before heading to Bowral. Parking was busy at Southlands, so too were the shops.

Back at the Googong house, the cleaning up & packing has begun.

Another close up; this I was told, is a cicada

Calochilus therophilus -
(Late Beard Orchid)


The wander in the bush was a nice change for me; I haven't done much of it lately. 

Varena's orchideers are an interesting bunch. They all seem friendly and chatty, and most importantly, happy to share their knowledge on many subjects.

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