Friday, December 9, 2016

Tuesday 6th December 2016


The interstaters started drifting off today, with both Steph & the gang, & Kathy gone before we got up. Annette & Drew also departed before breakfast. Mick & Jacqui left just after lunch.

Lorrie arrived to help out the with paperwork that now needs to be sorted; having a lawyer in the family is always useful.

I headed out to the theatre solo to see Circus 1903, a re-creation of circus shows from the early 20th century. There were acrobats, jugglers, a knife thrower, a contortionist, high wire acts, & life size puppet elephants. A full action show.

Geoff, Paul (Greg's brother) & Mick on Monday at the gathering

The Catalpa Tree on the front lawn in full bloom

A close-up of the flower


Varena went off to the circus solo. I didn't give it much thought when she asked me about it, so she bought just the one ticket. I don't get too enthused about some of these shows.

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