Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wednesday 21st December 2016


It was a quiet day for me; my wrist doesn't feel too bad, but my movement is restricted somewhat with the splint/brace on. Hopefully I'll only need it for a few days.

I put a photo my wrist in the brace on my Facebook page; my sister-in-law Kathy's post on seeing it was priceless: ”OMG, does this mean you are no longer cooking Christmas dinner?” LOL, thanks for the sisterly concern!!!

This critter posed quite happily whilst I got in close

In close with the new mobile phone macro lens

Yellow Pansy centre

I left the patient at Googong to rest and recover while I headed out to Queanbeyan. I had to take a photo of Dad to the headstone people, as when I emailed them a jpeg as they requested they kept telling me that Dad's suit was blue and his tie purple, when his tie was red and the suit grey. So not wanting a weird picture on his headstone I went to K-Mart and printed a hard copy of the photo and dropped it in. I can only assume that their monitor is dodgy.

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