Saturday, January 28, 2017

Friday 27th January 2017


After a couple of hours spent sorting out clothes, food, & new batteries at the van, Geoff headed over to Evan's to help him put a reconditioned engine back into his rusty old Falcon!

Apparently there was much, pushing, shoving, lubing of apertures, loosing of nuts etc during the afternoons events!!!

Once the car had it's innards back, Geoff collected me from Farrer & we headed back to Evan's. We had Thai Green Curry with Chicken for dinner; it was well received by all.

PS Old photos from our trip: Shoalhaven, Berry & final orchid finds.

Shoalhaven Bay

The sandbar across the Shoalhaven Bay -
it occasionally opens in big seas, & wet weather

Berry Pass

Slender Beard orchid

Calochilus gracillimus


We managed to get the van sorted out, both inside and outside, so we are just about ready to roll for our trip to Durras on Tuesday.

Helping Evan with the engine was fun. Neither of us had fitted an engine to a car before, so we were both very pleased with our work. Evan had done all the reconditioning, all I did was help with the fitting, but it was still fun. We then had a really tasty curry in the evening while Evan regaled us with his bizarre theories and perceptions. It was a good day and evening.

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