Saturday, January 7, 2017

Friday 6th January 2017


I had a brilliant day out with the Shoalhaven Region's orchid expert, Alan Stephenson. He took me to a few places around the area with lots of flowering orchids. I saw 4 "new to me" orchids, plus another 3 I'd seen before.

Geoff had a day of peace & quiet in front of the "goggle-box", watching the cricket once the rain stopped...LOL!

Yellow Leek Orchid -
Prasophyllum flavum

Horned Orchid - Orthoceras strictum

Cryptostylis subulata

Cryptostylis erecta

Slender Hyacinth Orchid - Dipodium variegatum

Leafless Tongue Orchid -
Cryptostylis hunteriana

Huge Snake Orchid - Cymbiduim suave
(finished flowering)

I left Varena to do her orchid-ing and just did a few things around the house; mainly watching the cricket.

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