Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday 12th January 2017


We had a quiet day at the house, chilling out with Suki. The weather was much cooler & overcast for much of the day... a good day for walking!
We should have gone to the Wombeyan Caves today!

Anyhow, we finally got to do the last review of our latest Blog Book, & I sent it off for printing! This year there were no hiccups (last year I managed to order the wrong size, & had to cancel it & redo it !!).

Geoff heading into the cool of the
Tinted Cave

Inside the Tinted Cave

Out at the end above the Limestone Creek
(& the site of the "head-butting" incident!)

In the creek
Limestone Creek - down stream


I hope the blog book comes out with very few errors. We have noticed that some of our corrections revert to the incorrect the next time we look at the book program, so fingers crossed that it has not happened too much this time.

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