Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday 24th January 2017


Packing & sorting, cleaning & washing begins.

We got the washing in before the rain came!

After lunch we watched the movie Mr Turner, in the afternoon; is was strangely "mish-mash", not a flowing narrative. I found it quirky but I think Geoff wasn't impressed.

More shots from yesterday's trip. Geoff by the rock wall down
at Cave Creek - Bargo River Conservation Reserve

A huge ant dragging it's lunch around

Colour on the page

Jacky Lizard

I've been seen!

We started prepping for our departure on Thursday. It was way too windy for Varena to get any decent photographs of any orchids she may have found if she ventured out, so we did a few things around the place instead. She can always slip out tomorrow for one last orchidacious wander.

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