Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tuesday 3rd January 2017


Geoff & I headed for Wollongong to get the car serviced & to have a tourist day in the town.

We had a walk to the beach, & up to Flagstaff Hill to the lighthouses, & harbour. After an ice cream, we caught the free shuttle bus to the Botanical Gardens, & had a pleasant wander around there. We were pleasantly surprised at the free shuttle bus, which runs every 10 minutes around the city, as you can imagine it was very popular.

Windy on the beach at Wollongong

Along the beach towards flagstaff Hill & Lighthouse

The beach in the other direction , to the less scenic Port Kembla port
(at least there isn't a view of a nuclear power station like in England)

The "modern" lighthouse built in the 1930's

Wollongong's original lighthouse

The Old Court House - Wollongong's oldest building


We seem to rack up the services on the ute rather quickly, despite them being 15000km apart. So this time we had it done in Wollongong, so that we could have a little look around town. I was impressed with the free shuttle bus around town. It is ideal for tourist such as us.

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