Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday 18th January 2017


I had planned on an orchid wander today, but the weather was very hot with a hot wind too. So I decided against it! Trying to photograph orchids in the wind is a frustrating nightmare!

We had a grocery run into town in the morning, then returned to the house for a quiet rest of the day. I did upload December's photos to Facebook, one task I wanted to complete! And I started going through the brochures I picked up in Queensland for our travels northwards. It's coming around rapidly now.

Out at Limestone Creek - Wombeyan Caves,
I attempted to capture these bright blue dragonflies

The hovering one appears to have no wings!

A skink eating it's lunch

The little village of Taralga - we stopped off briefly after the caves adventure


Despite my hours and hours of watering the gardens here at Bowral, and thinking that everything looked OK despite the several days of 30 degrees, when the gardener came to do a few things around the yard, she said that things looked really dry! It looks like I'll have to leave the watering going full time!

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