Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Friday 10th February 2017


We left Lawson around 9am, heading for Glenbrook & brunch with Mari. Then it was on to Sydney. 
I dropped my camera in for a service/clean, & we went to Waterloo to meet our next house sit owners. Liam is the son of an “orchid lady”, Jean, that I know from Canberra.
We will have control of 4 rescue cats whilst we stay for the week.
Next stop was Kathy's new place in Darling Point; she moved in today! Chaos reigned, as the removalists were just leaving when we pulled up! So having nowhere to stay Kathy had organised us all to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Double Bay! (Luckily for us at no cost!). It's not what you know, but who!

Drinks & pizza at The Sheaf in Double Bay finished off a busy day for us.

The view from our hotel window...
no water (meaning Double Bay) in sight!

Double Bay Street Art

The hotel.
Last time I was at an Intercontinental Hotel I was a chef, not a guest!

This Rolls Royce was parked outside for a wedding shoot.
The bride & groom had just gone inside

Art in the hotel!


Meeting Mari at the same place as a few months ago, we enjoyed brunch and a 3 hour chat.

Heading down to Kath's, we observed some of the adjustments that she will need to make with her new place. The most obvious one is parking. There is none! It is basically a bunfight to get any scrap of parking that is available at the instant you are there. It is mostly pay by the hour unless you have a resident's permit from the council. Hmmm...

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