Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday 24th February 2017


We had a walk around the area of Waterloo & Redfern today.

In the late afternoon we got the ferry to Manly. I'd read about the World Food Markets & thought it might be a tasty evening out.

It wasn't that good there, only about 8 stalls of different countries foods, with nothing that really stood out. We did have a dumpling & pork buns for a starter & a sit down to listen to the live music.

For our main meal we decided to try a Jamaican Cafe, which was tasty & quirky.

Sailing to Manly

Manly's World Food Markets

Rumshack Jamaican Cafe


Some people wonder why others complain about public transport, and can't see why cars will be a necessity for many for a long time to come. For us, even travelling from an inner area of Sydney to Manly was a small adventure. For some reason all the passengers on our bus were chucked out at Central, when we all thought we were going well beyond. The delay at Central for another bus meant that we missed our ferry and had a half hour wait at Circular Quay. So it took almost 2 hours to get from a very central inner Sydney location, on a main road, to Manly. Getting back was a shorter time but a bit more mucking about. Apart from parking at Manly it would probably have been quicker and cheaper to drive!

Our dinner at a Jamaican restaurant was tasty, but I think they forgot to warn us about the habanero chilli, which I ate expecting it to be a jalapeno but wasn't, and regretted eating! I regretted it a lot!

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