Sunday, February 5, 2017

Friday 3rd February 2017


I was up before the sun today, hoping for a good sunrise. I was not disappointed.

We had a drive southwards to Batemans Bay & the coast road down as far as Moruya. The day was stunning blue, so I made the most of the day with heaps of photo opportunies.

We had champagne on the beach; toasting the memories of a friend who died today.
And we rounded out the evening with a yummy BBQ.

Stunning sunrise today

Golden glow

Batemans Bay Bridge

Us down at the Bay

Up river of the bridge


Views along the coast road

Making sure it is empty

Capping off a great & a sad day


We only knew Col Wilson for a few years, but got on quite well. He was a nice old bloke, and we knew he was crook recently. His suffering has now ended, though it is still sad.

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