Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday 13th February 2017


We returned to Canberra today; for our final week here for the year, probably.

Val joked with us on our arrival that we had arrived at “lunchtime”; 1.30pm. Not early afternoon as we had told her we would!

The usual washing, drying, unpacking was done through the afternoon.
I had a heap of photos to sort, plus make a start on the diary & Blog updates too.

Then after dinner was Skyping with Mum.

Mardis Gras warm up outside the old Customs House

Chinese Lunar New Year

Catching a glimpse of the sunset behind the giant tiger?!

Mahjong Bull


Apart from the usual slowness of traffic in Sydney where the road designers try to make 4 lanes of traffic merge into one lane, the trip South was easy and smooth.

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