Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday 18th February 2017


It was a cool & wet day, with nothing planned but dinner out.

I uploaded my January photos on to Facebook, when the internet decided to work! It seemed to been having a hissy fit over the last couple of days. Geoff spent a couple of hours waiting on the phone to iinet, trying to resolve the issues. It does seem better now.

We took Eileen & Neil out for dinner to thank them for another year of storage at their place. Philippa & Val were also invited to the Iron Chef in Southlands. It's a suitable venue for Val's dietary requirements.

PS A random mix of recent photos.


Customer service is not a strong point with most large companies, I find iinet always have a long wait to get to speak to human. After about 2 hours I had the issues almost sorted. But this about the fifth time that I have called them.

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