Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday 5th February 2017


We packed up our bongos today & headed back to Canberra.

There were no dramas climbing back up Clyde Mountain. The temperature gauge in the ute rose to about 1/2 way, but soon settled down once we'd reached the top. Geoff said the fuel consumption was a little worse than the trip down.

Bertie finally got a clean at the truck wash place in Hume; he looks heaps better now, though the roof still needs doing.

Birds at the beach - a young seagull

Sooty Oyster-catcher

Stingrays looking for a feed..
This guy was gutting a fish & throwing it in the water

Proof we got into the water
Clean beasties - finally. Archie was happy to be seen with them both now they are shiny again!

It was quite a sticky morning, so needless to say that I was quite a sweaty bugger by the time we got rolling. The drive up Clyde Mountain had us in low gears a lot. I used first gear a few times on the steep parts, but overall we just another large vehicle slowing a few other drivers down.

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