Saturday, February 25, 2017

Thursday 23rd February 2017


A journey that should take 2 hours from Thornton to Sydney took 3 hours for us this morning. We left at 6.20am, & of course drove into the rush hour traffic about an hour out of the centre of the city!

We are very lucky we don't have to do that drive on a regular basis!

Liam & Karen were rushing around madly tidying up & doing the last minute packing; they left around 10.30am. We had one call from them as they headed to the airport, telling us things they had forgotten to mention, but we heard nothing else so we assume they made it!

WHAT... No traffic, says Archie...!

Doh! That didn't last long...

Lucy & Nero - 2 of the 4 fur babies.
These 2 are rescue cats from the back lane
behind the house

The lovely bunch of flowers that Karen & Liam
gave us

A couple of streets away from the house is a "Hillsong" church,
with heaps of young, smiley people hanging around the entrance!
Luckily we appear to be too old to get collared by them!

With coffee in hand and sparrows making their morning noises we headed down to Sydney for our latest house-sit. I am glad we had the coffee!

Observing a Hillsong church building in Waterloo while we had a bite to eat across the road was interesting. All the attendees, and there seemed to be hundreds heading into the large ex-warehouse-looking building, all appeared to be middle-class youth. I had heard that the happy-clappy brigade target this demographic for their enthusiasm and reasonably high threshold of available discretionary funds. I saw nothing to refute this suggestion. And it seems that even having a founder confess to kiddie-fiddling, amongst other scandals, has not kept the kids away.

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