Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017


My trip to Mt Bollard with Tony, south of Captain's Flat in the Tallaganda State Forest, yielded some orchids. Sadly not the one I had hoped we'd see, the Elbow Orchid. I have yet to see this tiny & very strange looking orchid.

We found some Greenhoods & a couple of other finished flowering orchids, but overall a disappointing & damp trip.

Dinner at Cisco's in Kingston with Daniel & Evan was an amusing evening. I managed to polish off almost a complete rack of ribs...SO tasty.

Dipodium decurvum
Summer Greenhood

Mist & drizzle in the trees

A large lichen on a dead tree

Web & Spider in the rain
Evan decided beer in a wine
glass was a good idea!

A belated birthday beverage with Evan... maybe he was annoyed we did it late?!


This is the second time that the Durham has not had Guinness on! I doubt I'll go back there for long time.

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