Saturday, March 11, 2017

Friday 10th March 2017


Our brief but excellent stay at Kew came to an end today. We joined Elaine & Geoff for breakfast in the 'al fresco” before hitching up & heading off.

We had a slight detour before heading to the highway. Geoff had been talking to “other” Geoff about weighing the van. So we got directions to the weighbridge & got that done.

The drive to the quaint small town of Bellingen was smooth, & we actually got to the show grounds at the same time as the GPS said we would!

Elaine & Geoff's place in Kew

"Old Lady" Bindi

Bat Flower
Yellow Fungi

Gum Trees in the garden


We rolled out from Geoff and Elaine's place and slowly headed North. The short stop at the local quarry's weighbridge was enlightening, in that now I know the caravan manufacturers were dreaming when they produced our van's compliance plate. I just wish I had looked closer at the time of purchase.

The recommended tow ball weight of a towed van is 10% of the van's weight. Our towball weight on the compliance plate is about 5% of the van's weight! After filling the water tanks and using the fuel jerry can holders that came with our van, we are approaching the supposed maximum van weight, according to the figures on the compliance plate. This is before we have even put any food or bedding in the van! I think that something may not be right!!!!!

My guess is that to save actually taking any newly manufactured van to a weighbridge, van manufacturers take a bit of a punt on the weights. I am happy to be proved wrong, of course. But there are many anecdotes online of similar and worse, regarding van weights, so I guess it could always be worse!

Anyway, I have contacted our van's manufacturer for input, so hopefully I will know more soon,

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