Monday, March 20, 2017

Friday 17th March 2017


We caught up with Geoff's mate John for brunch, & subjected him to the latest Blog Book.

His revenge was to drag Geoff kicking & screaming to the nearby bar for a pint of Guinness to celebrate St Patrick's Day!....Geoff was really anti doing this...NOT! Which gave me a leave pass to have a wander around the mall.


BG....Before Guinness

AG...After Guinness - Happy St Patrick's Day

Watson Park at Dakabin; parking here for 3 nights

John and I don't catch up very often, but it is fun when we do. This time around was a bit brief, due to John's work commitments, but he made up for it by promising, next time we meet up, to take me to a local brewery for samples and lunch, and I am to leave my wallet at home! I'll remember that!

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