Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Monday 27th March 2017


We saw the sights of Emerald today, starting with Lake Maraboon & Fairbairn Dam, then into the town itself. I wanted to photograph the Big Easel & Painting, the 1900 Railway Station, & check out the Botanic Gardens.

Geoff got a Guinness & we both had lunch at the Irish Village pub, before returning for a swim back at the caravan park.

Views across Lake Maraboon

The lovely old station building, circa 1900, in Emerald

White-cheeked Rosellas in the Botanic Gardens

Another colourful sunset, with green tinged clouds

It was a nice day out exploring the area around Emerald.

I was surprised that Varena suggested lunch at a pub, just because they served Guinness. But how could I knock it back?

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