Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Monday 6th March 2017


Another jaunt, up to the northern end of Barrington Tops today. The weather held for us, & there were orchids! Happy, happy me - 3 varieties of Greenhoods & a Wasp Orchid!

We had a 3km stroll around Polblue Sphagnum Swamp to stretch the legs, after lunch in the car, as it was chilly 15C. Polblue Camping ground, where the walk ended, has the amazing claim to fame as the highest "drive-to" camping ground in Australia, at around 1500m.

Polblue Sphagnum Swamp

Walking around the swamp

Polblue Creek

Chiloglottis sphyrnoides - Forest Wasp Orchid

Diplodium coccinum - Scarlet Greenhood

Diplodium decurvum -
Summer Greenhood

Diplodim abruptum -
Tablelands Greenhood (I think)


I'm glad we managed to find some orchids. Varena gets so excited when we find them. I am also glad that the rain was nothing like yesterday!

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