Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Saturday 11th March 2017


I had a full itinerary sorted out for today. We took the Waterfall Way up to Dorrigo, checking out several waterfalls along the way.

Morning tea was at the very picturesque Platypus Flat, along with a heap of campers that had beaten us there! That's what happens when you tourist around on the weekends!

Lunch was at Beech Lookout, on the Styx River Forest Road; we'd found this spot a couple of years ago. It was full of orchids back then. This time though we only for 4 flowering types.

We returned to Bellingen in good time for afternoon drinks!

Taking in the view at Griffith Lookout - off the Waterfall Way

The main street of Dorrigo

Archie poses again

The River at Platypus Flat - plenty of kayakers were enjoying the calm waters

Giant 800+ years old Tallowood Tree

Up to the canopy

Old forestry logging equipment

The river further along on our scenic forest drive

Acianthus apprimus -
Early Mosquito Orchid

Diplodium abruptum - Tablelands Greenhood
Diplodium coccinum - Scarlet Greenhood

Speculantha parviflora -
Tiny Greenhood

Newell Falls - right on the roadside of the Waterfall Way

It was quite a big day out. All was fine, though I was starting to get a bit concerned that we may run of fuel. I had no idea how far we were going travel today, so had not bothered refuelling the ute. Making it all the way back to Bellingen was not likely, but a small town on the return journey had it sorted, with an unmanned, 24 hour, cashless operation. It worked for us.

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