Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday 25th March 2017


We had just under 300km to our next stop, Sapphire around 60km west of Emerald. The roads were very quiet; we went about 180km with no cars behind us. We did see a goods train with 107 carriages on it. And I spotted 3 Brolgas by a dam.

Sapphire is a very small mining “dorp” & the caravan park is very quaint. We had a quiet afternoon around the park. We also found out about a cyclone forming off Townsville on the internet; we had been out of internet & TV range for the last 3 days. We are supposed to be heading for Charters Towers on Wednesday, the day after the cyclone is due to hit. It is only 140km west of Townsville & is expected to be a category 4. Rather scary!

Our morning tea stop was just outside Springsure, overlooking the Minerva Hills National Park
An old tractor at the free camp

We spotted this Rufous Bettong
near the van at Takarakka

This Pretty-faced, or Whiptail, Wallaby
wasn't that fussed at me snapping away

Drunken Palm Tree

Unkown pretty flowering plants

Beastie along the track in Carnarvon National Park

Raindrops on the Casuarina fronds

Red Lichen on the rocks at the top of the falls in Ward's Canyon

Our drive to Emerald was uneventful, except for the sections of poor roads. Some of the dipsy-doodles had us wallowing a bit, and Varena holding on tight!

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