Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017


Having left Dakabin around 9am, early for us, we were traveling north then west at Calboolture when a massive down pour of rain hit us. Geoff was down to driving at about 50kph, as visibility was dreadful. Luckily it didn't last long.

I thought we made great time, doing 320kms to get us to Chinchilla Weir. We were there around 1.30pm, having had a short break at Yarraman.

The weir at Chinchilla is only at 35%, so looks pretty sad, but there are still a fair few birds around. Amazingly this free camp has power, though you need a long extension cord. We decided that power wasn't required & parked up under some trees. There are several other vans already here, but it isn't crowded; yet!

Geoff's favourite place name of the day
My favourite place name
The pub at Kiamkillenbun

Morning tea at Yarraman

Yarraman Pub

Free Camping here at Chinchilla Weir

Hubby relaxing in the shade

Chinchilla Weir


Apart from a short wander around the ever shrinking water, we spent the afternoon taking it easy after the drive up from Brisbane.

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