Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sunday 5th March 2017


With morning tea & a picnic lunch in hand, we headed out into the “misty mountains” of Gloucester Tops. We have seen varying reports on the weather from fine & cloudy to wet morning & afternoon. I made sure we were armed for all eventualities: umbrellas, raincoats, salt (in case of leeches), sunscreen, & of course, cameras.

Well, the fine misty rain turned into RAIN as we started our walk to Gloucester Falls! The Andrew Laurie Lookout was white, & the falls was misted in for most of the time we were there. I did manage a wet couple of photos!

I can report that there were no orchids in flower (well we didn't see any), though plenty of leaves of, I think, 5 or 6 different orchid types.

This was the only glimpse of blue sky all day!

These mini "Highland Coos" weren't impressed that
we wanted to cross their ford!

This ford was cow free!

Oh yes! A brief ray of sun caught on camera by Geoff

Now mist & rain!

Not impressed!

Misty Gloucester Tops forest

I spotted this orchid just hanging by a thread

Gloucester Falls through the mist

This little pool we saw on the short Antarctic Beech Forest Walk


In typical style, the rain came on just as we were about to commence a 90 minute walk. It didn't rain hard the whole time; sometimes there was light rain, and other times just mist. But we were quite wet toward the end of this orchid-less ramble.

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