Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday 2nd March 2017


The problem with the shuddery, shaking in the car has been sorted out (we noticed it on the drive up to Newcastle from Canberra last week). One of the tyres was “cactus”.
Geoff ended up getting 2 new tyres fitted, as  one of the others was the same age as the dodgy one.

I began the packing, & cleaning for our departure tomorrow morning. Liam & Karen are due back around midnight tonight, but we said we'd stay on to handover.

More art works around Wooloomooloo - Sydney

Older art at The Domain

Hyde Park Art

An Aboriginal War Memorial close to the NSW War Memorial building


I was hoping the ute's vibrating was caused by a balance weight coming off. No such luck. Two new tyres is better than a potential problem while towing the van.

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