Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thursday 9th March 2017


Elaine played tour guide & Geoff was chauffeur again today. They took us up into the hinterland, where you usually get really scenic views, but at stages of the drive we were above as well as in the clouds, rain & mist.... The scenery had to be imagined! The camels & deer along the drive were a strange addition to the day!

We stopped & picked strawberries at Ricardoes; the smell in the greenhouses where they were growing hydroponically was awesome.

Comboyne, high on the plateau above Laurieton

Ricardoes Strawberry koala

Strawberry picking at Ricardoes

Hydroponic tomatoes


We were looked after really well by Geoff and Elaine, if not by the weather. Despite the awful spelling and punctuation, Ricardo's was was an eye-opener for me. They seem to have a good thing going, and I hope it keeps up.

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