Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday 14th March 2017


The heavens were wide open before sun-up today! The precipitation continued till after lunch, then it started clearing up.

We headed out when the sun tried to break through, heading for higher ground! Not because of the rain, but I wanted to see another waterfall. This one, Minyon Falls, was in the Nightcap National Park, around 50kms inland from Broken Head. It was a scenic, windy & hilly drive, with a surprising amount of people there when we arrived.

We managed to get back without getting wet, though the walk on the beach later brought the rain back again.

Minyon Falls & Escarpment in the Nightcap National Park

Above the falls

Fallen log optical illusion.
I thought it was semi-circular bubbles on the water

Threatening clouds down on the beach

We know this is a nice area, but we have not seen much of it this time, as it has been very rainy. The forecast is for yet more rain, so we'll probably end up waiting until some future visit to have a good look around.

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