Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday 21st March 2017


With grey gloomy skies above we departed Chinchilla, heading for a little town called Injune, around 90kms north of Roma. I was hoping to see the sign to Baking Board, which according to the map book is just outside Chinchilla, but we didn't see it!

The road from Chinchilla was bouncy... I was worried about the insides of the van, but all was good (Geoff checked at our morning tea stop in Wallumbilla).

A couple of interesting thing to note along the Warrego Highway: firstly, that fuel in Miles & Roma is around 10c cheaper the on the coast at $1.17! Hmmmm, no gouging of customers on the eastern seaboard.... YEP I think there is! (Annoyingly though we filled up at Injune & the price had jumped to $1.40)! 
Then we spotted a billboard for Paronella Park, which is about 1060km away, close to where we are heading for, Tully! Why would you advertise on the highway between Miles & Roma?

We got a soaking from Roma to Injune as we drove over the Great Dividing Range, which was only about 445m high. It was still pouring as we got into Injune, but luckily Possum Park Racecourse camping area is gravel, so we shouldn't be bogged when we leave in the morning.

Dusk over Chinchilla Weir

Our morning tea stop ar Wallumbilla

These are Queensland Bottle Trees; more & more are appearing as we head west & north

Archie gamely "facing off" with an oncoming truck spraying rain in our general direction.
He was VERY annoyed earlier when a truck added a 3rd stone chip to our windscreen!

This Green Tree Frog was quite happily snoozing in the toilet bowl;
So I used the other toilet!

Damp camp at Injune


Beautiful one day, perfect the next. NOT! The old Queensland tourism advertising slogan has been wrong for about the last month. Varena said that we have only had four non-rain days since leaving Sydney. It has not been cold, but a little less rain would be good.

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