Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday 15th March 2017


It was torrential rain again through the morning! Luckily we are parked high up in the caravan park, so we shouldn't get flooded!

We headed into Byron Bay, around 10km to the north, to meet Geoff's Uncle Paul (his Dad's brother) for lunch. Thankfully the rain had stopped. It was a pleasant cheap meal at the local RSL, & we chatted away for a couple of hours.

Broken Bay Caravan Park - between rain showers!

Jewel Beetle

Underside of a Hibiscus flower

Sword-grass Brown Butterfly

Eastern Water Dragon

There was not much point heading out early for a look around Byron Bay. The rain kept us indoors until it was time to go out and meet Paul. We had a good old chat over lunch, did a little grocery shopping, and headed back to the van to stay dry. It is not cold, but it certainly is wet!

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