Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday 29th March 2017


Today is a “sit & wait it out” day. The ex-cyclone is now tracking straight towards Emerald, though much reduced in wind speed. The rain, however, has been continuous since around 9pm last night. Not really heavy, it's more like some flinging a hose pipe around over the van - light sprinkles then a heavy blast! Quite odd really.

The caravan park is on high-ish ground, so we won't get flooded here. But I'm not so sure about when we will decide to leave, & what the roads will be like. It might be that we are “marooned” here for several more days yet.

Mum & joey: Pretty-faced Wallabies or Whiptailed Wallabies

The always amusing Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

This critter jumped onto Bertie one evening

Seen outside the toilets at the Sapphire Caravan Park

With the cyclone deciding to come to us instead of passing us by, I was not surprised that we had a very rainy day. The rain was not torrential, nor the winds high enough to be concerned about damage, but the potential for a bad time was present all along. I am glad it didn't happen.

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