Thursday, April 20, 2017

Friday 14th April 2017


Geoff & I, along with Kathy, headed north for the day.

Our first stop was the tiny village of Daintree, unsurprisingly on the Daintree River. Then we caught the ferry across the river to go up to Cape Tribulation. Annoyingly there was an hour wait to get across, as of course being a public holiday everyone else wanted to cross too. HOW RUDE!

We had lunch at the Daintree Crocodylus, an “eco-lodge” type place in the rainforest, but it did serve tasty food.

We continued up to Cape Tribulation, which is at the end of the bitumen road now. Back in 1999, when we were last up this way, I think it was dirt road beyond the ferry.

View of the Daintree River from the tiny pier

Kath posing by the Big Barramundi at

Archie is SO excited at finally getting on the Daintree River ferry

Geoff & Kath at Cow Bay

Me & hubby on the same beach

Lunch at Crocodylus under a giant awning

Cape Tribulation - Beach

Kathy at Kulki Lookout over looking Cape Tribulation

Creek off the beach

The clouds are building again at Alexandra Lookout


Kath had been around Port Douglas a few times in the past but not had much of a look around the wider area. Unfortunately, despite knowing it was the Easter weekend and that every twit and his canoe would out and about, we headed toward Cape Trib. I think Varena tactfully soothed my impatience at the hour's wait to take the ferry across the Daintree. I wanted to turn around as soon as I saw the line, but somehow I was convinced to persist. It was a good day out, and a lovely part of the world, but I hope I have learned my lesson about not travelling at Easter (again!).

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