Monday, April 24, 2017

Friday 21st April 2017


It was another wet, cool, dull day outside, so I decided to do some planning for our trip to Birdsville later in the year. It's a slow process of research, choosing the route & checking distances that we would need to travel etc.

Geoff then suggested we should continue down to the Mungarannie pub, around ½ way along the Birdsville Track! We have come up from the south & crossed the Cooper Creek on the ferry, but haven't done it from the north! We would have to ACTUALLY tent camp of we did this though; that will take some thought!

The photos are from our Port Douglas trip as I haven't been out to get any new ones recently!

One of the reasons you don't
see anyone swimming on these
beautiful beaches!

An the other major reason....

Outside the quirky caravan park in the Daintree Township

We had drinks with Kath here at "her" hotel

One of many swimming pools around the hotel

Geoff trying the Rude Boy beer in the hotel

You guessed it: more rain.

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