Saturday, April 29, 2017

Friday 28th April 2017


With a picnic bag packed Geoff & I hit the road around 9.30am. We headed up to Josephine Falls, which is about 30kms north of Innisfail. There were several hold-ups with roadworks along the way, so by the time we got to the falls there were plenty of people already there. It was a popular place.

Golden Hole was close by & there was no one there! (No swimming here, due to crocodiles).

We continued north again to Babinda, to check out The Boulders, another popular place. Swimming is allowed  here, though we just walked to the viewing platforms, then had lunch. The Bush Turkeys were keen for scraps, but were disappointed.

Josephine Falls

Apparently the signs saying no swimming don't apply to
this guy!!!

Archie was dying to get his photograph with this sign
Golden Hole...shame there are crocodiles around

Queensland's highest peak: Bartle Frere

The large pool in The Boulders area; swimming here is allowed!

Getting in the Devils Pool looks like it would be a challenge!
No doubt some people would try!

The Babinda Boulders


It was another scenic day out, marred only by there being too many people at some of the places for our liking.

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