Saturday, April 1, 2017

Friday 31st March 2017


With the tour of Charters Towers, the Towers Lookout & groceries done, we returned to Bertie for a quiet afternoon in out new temporary garden. The weather is lovely, warm & sunny & not too much humidity.

We checked out the pool, but had to share with other caravanners!

A few of the lovely "Queenslander" style houses around Charters Towers

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The town was "built on gold".
It is a similar era to Ballarat & Kalgoorlie - with lots of grand old buildings

The old Stock Exchange

Panorama from Towers Hills



Charters Towers is a nice looking old town. There was so much gold found here that they had their own stock exchange. We were told that there are still many billions of dollars worth gold in the area, including underneath the town itself, but it is currently uneconomical to exploit. Being at a depth of 1000 to 2000 feet below the surface sure makes the gold difficult and expensive to get out.

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